Training Programs

Protection in Emergency

The staff of Municipality of Al Shuka/Rafah Governorate

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Protection and Safety During the Emergency Time

The southern part of the Gaza Strip

Rights and Resilience Programme in Gaza Strip

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Life Skills

31 participants from English Access Micro-scholarship Program

English Access MicroScholarship Program (ACCESS)

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Green Economy (Green Banks and Eco-friendly Banks)

Bank of Palestine senior staff and general managers

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Advocacy, Communication, and Strategic Plans related to the Minimum Standards of WASH Sector

NGOs staffs

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WASH Issues and Hygiene Promotion

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Developing of Green Job Technologies

200 participants from northern and southern areas of the Gaza Strip

Strengthening resilience, agricultural recovery and green technology in the Gaza

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Training of Trainers (TOT) in Water resources management, Irrigation, and Agriculture Projects

PARC Staff

Enhancing Drought Resilience through Innovative Water Management in the Gaza Strip

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Hygiene promotion and the environmental problems

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Identifying the Sources of Pollution and Its Impact on the Environment

Students and graduates of scientific and environmental colleges in the Gaza Strip

Environmental and health impact assessment resulting from Gaza valley pollution project

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