Training Programs

Project Staff Capacity Building Program

targeting 8-10 employees of PARC and MA'AN hubs/accelerators in Gaza Strip

SHE SUCCEEDS: Empowering young Palestinian women in the agricultural sector

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Training in Entrepreneurial Eco-Friendly Projects

20 participants of women (owners of entrepreneurial eco-friendly projects/businesses)

Her Success: Empowering young Palestinian women in the agricultural sector

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Safe Water Chains and Water Safety Plans in the Gaza Strip

25 of the WASH promoters and health and community mobilizers

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The employees of public organizations such as Local Municipalities, CMWU, Ministry of Agriculture (about 30 trainees).

Re-use of Treated Wastewater for Agricultural Irrigation in Southern Gaza Strip

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Building and Developing Safety Water Chains Plans, Evaluating Safe Water Chains for Homes, Fragile and Vulnerable Areas

All Field Staff Working in Health Education as a Health Promoter and Community Mobilizers

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TOT and Capacity Building of the KGs teachers in Community Initiatives and Public Awareness in the Gaza Strip

30 Representatives of kindergartens teachers

Improving the quality of life of preschool children in Gaza Strip through early detection and treatment of health difficulties

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The Humanitarian Charter and Minimum Standards in Humanitarian Response (Sphere) and the Promotion of Protection

Staff working in Health Education as a health promoter and community mobilizers of Palestinian Environmental Friends

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Training program in WASH Response and Promotion

4 hygiene promotion educators

Emergency WASH Response for Vulnerable Communities in the Gaza Strip 2019

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Team building, skills necessary to create small projects and engineering solutions to local and global problems


The ENGeeks project

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Evaluation and development of GBV programs as preparedness and response in emergency time

Wefaq Society for Women and Child Care staff

Rights and Resilience Project

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