National Institute for Environment and Development (NIED)

National Institute for Environment and Development (NIED) is a joint-stock limited liability organization established in 2015 and officially registered in 2018 under number (563161827) in compliance with Commercial Companies Law 7/2012 in the Ministry of National Economy of Palestine. The institute is the first in the Gaza Strip to demonstrate a developmental and environmental nature whose core work is the environment and health-focused projects in parallel with social, economic, and managerial plans, projects, and programs. NIED endeavors to assume an effective role in developing all aspects of life in Palestine and in the Gaza Strip particularly through protecting the environment and its components. As the institute implements many strategic developmental plans, projects, and programs to tackle environmental, water, and public health-related issues, NIED aims to develop the capacity of the Gaza’s residents in all life aspects. Furthermore, it aspires to achieve social, economic, cultural, and managerial development at governmental institutions and NGOs.


The institute seeks to attain a high and distinctive rank locally and internationally through a clear vision and lofty objectives. It aspires to assume the role of a leading and central organization that wins the trust of all stakeholders. NIED shoulders the responsibility of implementing all projects, programs, activities, and interventions pertaining to the environment and public health under sustainable development projects that aim to develop individual and collective performance in different fields: management, strategic planning, economy, accounting, society, and family development. While conducting activities, NIED puts into consideration local and international quality assurance standards and the utilization of technology.

Dr. Ahmed H. Hilles

Chairman of NIED

NIED’s Staff

Mrs. Dalia Abu-Dalo

Projects Coordinator

Eng. Omar Sultan

Agricultural Engineer and Field Coordinator

Mr. Mostafa H Abushaban

Financial Consultant and Accountant

Asia R. Al-Battrikhi

Logistic Support and Management Assistant

Eng. Salah Sady


Dr. Said Mustafa Hassan Jalala

Strategic Expert in Management and Planning

Mr. Munther Zoghbur

Lawyer and Legal Counsel

Dr. Zeyad R. Zakout

Expert in Clinical Nutrition

Miss. Dina Ayyad

Secretary and Administrative Affairs Officer

Dr. Mueen Ahmed Al-Kariri

Expert and Consultant in Public Health

Mr. Mahmoud A. Usruf

Expert in translation, editing, and proofreading - English

Prof. Khalil Tubail

Expert in soil, agriculture, and plant development

Mr. Isaac Hilles

Projects Coordinator

Dr. Ahmed H. Hilles

Chairman of NIED (Expert in Environmental Sciences)

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NIED places faith in humans, individually and collectively, and in their awareness and culture. It also believes in the activities and interventions of a human as an essential pillar for development and progress. In addition, NIED values the importance of a healthy environment, its different components and natural resources, which has to be protected from pollution or degradation and secured for the future generations; thus, all can live healthily and enjoy a decent life with social justice and balanced economy. Indeed, NIED tries to achieve this goal utilizing its full capacity through enhancing and exercising all the principles and concepts of sustainable environment, good governance, competent management, integrity, transparency at all humanitarian work sectors: environmental, managerial, economic, and cultural. The institute also aims to promote the aforementioned values among governmental and non-governmental organizations through plans, projects, and programs implemented by NIED with controlled tools, well-structured methodologies, clear working mechanisms, and specific objectives that fulfill the clients’ needs. Furthermore, NIED enormously focuses on social integration, especially of women and youth, to accomplish development for that they are boundless energies and valuable human resources by which development activities would be boosted and accelerated, thus serving the present and future generations.

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